How to: the richest person

From the beginning days of Amazon and using repurposed doors for desks to launching reusable rockets into space, Jeff Bezos has seemingly gone from strength to strength. Not for anything thing in particular, but for all things.
Starting, building, throwing away and in some cases growing a myriad of different business into a combined powerhouse that is Amazon and then turning those paychecks into his own even more varied group of investments and interests.

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Dump Jim keep Facebook

Before I begin I will say that I like Jim Carrey alot, not just for his movies but the person he is in real life. A man who once sat down and played a game of cards with a friend of mine while waiting for his flight out of ONT.
The guy, who has obviously made one hell of a career out of making people laugh with timeless characters and then using that capital to take on many more challenging ones that sometimes turned his fame on it’s head,

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Wiretap mini review

After buying about a dozen of Google’s new Home mini and either exchanging them for regular size versions or gifting the rest I’ve been deep in the live microphone life for the better part of 4 months now and have a few thoughts.
As a smart speaker, it just works…if you like Google.
All Google all the time
It’s of no shock that a smart speaker marketed for half price during the holidays is being used as a loss leader to drive traffic to there other and more profitable sectors like advertising,

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The book of 5 rings

“Immature strategy is the cause of grief” – Miyamoto Mushashi 1645
After 6 decades spent perfecting combat Miyamoto Mushashi having won over 60 duels and a number of large scale wars sat down to explain “the way”.
Widely regarded as the greatest swordsman of all time, his words have passed through 5 centuries as true today as they were then.

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