Aldi : The most expensive grocery store

Calling Aldi or “Food Market” as they call themselves “the most expensive grocery store” may seem like an odd choice for a title given their prices are consistently lower and their whole schtick is to be the cheapest….but like everything, you get what you pay for and you might not get even get that.

The #fail starts with the most basic of things, the grocery cart. Unlike most stores that have grocery carts for your shopping needs, Aldi has them, with the most idiotic twist I’ve ever seen. You need a quarter to use one. It goes right in this little slot and then the chain that binds them is freed….

I don’t carry quarters, most people probably don’t and it just so happens that after 10 minutes of searching my car in vain – none could be found either and I am not walking around with bags in a grocery store.

Smarties will say they provide you with one if you ask, nope tried that – they neither had an extra cart nor extra quarters, so I borrowed one from Office Max and had the most fly cart in the store. The second time I went, I almost tossed the cart in my truck when I was done since I apparently paid for it when I put a quarter in…

Anyway, moving on and on and on because they are the cheapest for a reason, they carry their own brands and in extremely limited quantities, sometimes not at all. It’s one thing when Brussels sprouts are sold out, it’s another when they don’t even have shelf space for them on random days, like seasons are now determined by prime number days.

Brussels sprouts are one thing, but I actually went in one day and the one type of eggs they have were sold out, as was whole milk and there was no bottle water in the store….. How can it be cheap, when you can’t even buy basic things and have to go somewhere else? It’s almost like on top of the shopping carts and being out, they wouldn’t even have shopping bags or something beyond belief….yes I went there and they were out of shopping bags too.

Correction, they had bags, they were just the 90 cent fancy reusable ones….next your going to tell me they make me bag my own stuff!!!

Yes, I haven not seen this level of customer fuck you since Whole Foods went to those sabotage paper bags with the handles that tear off, even when they double bag charge for them.

After you shop and put it on the conveyor belt, they scan it and put in back in the cart, no bag – you get to roll over 10 feet to the cute little shelf area to take it out of the cart again and bag it yourself while everyone else in the store gets to watch, yea.

The first trip with the quarter, bags and missing items I spent more at Aldi and still had to go to Ralphs, more than doubling the time.

I don’t know what discount they are talking about, unless they are talking about discounting your value as a human being.

BTW, it’s been my experience with cheapest store brands, that quality, ingredients and resistance to viral infections goes right out the window…so there’s that.

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