This isn’t a post about carrying a knife to open Amazon boxes, clean under your findger nails, look #EDC or even #specout. This post is about the fact that your health and well being should be your first priority and it’s unfortunately very true that when seconds count, help is minutes away.

That being said, a knife is the most basic form of defense for most people, if running away is not an option, you aren’t carrying a firearm, or someone who matters is under threat. Street fighting is ludicrously dangerous in practice with people commonly losing eyes, missing teeth, breaking bones or dying from trauma to the head. If you absolutely “must” engage in combat of any kind – violence of action – period. Remember though, this is lethal force and you should honestly feel like your life is threatened before using one.

A knife should be a deterrent first and foremost, since an unfortunate fact of using a knife to defend yourself is that “everyone gets cut in a knife fight” as people who know professionally often say. So there is a grim resolution of using one, but there is some advice I can impart..

I do not use a knife clip, both because it’s easy to profile and because it makes the safe operation and use more difficult. People that have known me for a long time are often surprised by the fact I carry the knife above, everyday.

I also don’t use knives with plastic handles, thumb loops or boat points. I prefer metal frames, easy to operate assists that aren’t prone to me slipping and cutting myself in a hurry and the types of profiles that cut through whatever I need to reliably. The knife I use now has a Tanto style profile that I could punch through anything realistically. I’ve punched one of these through an old stop sign once without much trouble – clothing, even body armor wouldn’t stop this from doing damage.

I don’t keep my knives razor sharp, I am not trying to make sushi, but I do keep them clean and lubed a bit.

I tell anyone who plans to carry a knife for defense to take a class and practice a bit drawing it and doing damage to something solid, like a wood post etc, obviously fighting a target that fought back is preferable, but likely unrealistic unless using sim knives of some sort. This particular knife can be used to strike with the opposite end or provide extra umph like a roll of quarters might, if you do need to punch someone while using it. Be carefull trying to break a window like this without something covering your arms, alot of cut up wrists from this type if thing.

A defensive knife neither needs to be nor should be expensive, in this case it’s a defensive tool and practice here is key. Anything that causes you to think twice about using it is a problem – I know people that have 300 dollar spotless knives they carry everyday.

This particular knife is a HK branded knife produced by Benchmade, a well known, high quality name in knives. I paid 20.00 dollars on sale at Big 5 for it, though they are currently hovering around 45.00. It is a little heavier than I would like but that works in other situations as mentioned above. I don’t beat on it buy I have hammered it to split smaller logs without noticeable issue several times. I’ve also used it to pry open a door several times, some thing I would not do with the popular g10 handle knives many people carry.

In the end it works every time and is capable of inflicting damage, should I be forced to.

If you have no training whatsoever but you happened to find yourself needing to use a knife right now, try to go straight in and aim for the belly. Don’t go overhead or try to slash, it’s too easy to miss, be seen coming, or do little to no damage. The belly is a big target, that’s hard to miss.

I don’t know where you can buy this particular knife but for a small bit more you can get the very capable Conspiracy from Benchmade instead.

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