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According to reports, the average American consumes 173 bottles of water every year. At a price of 1.45 per bottle or 250.00 per year, I was spending more like 1000.

With a family of 3, guests and days out, its really easy to ramp up the cost of water into the thousands every year. But now, I only spend less than 100.00 per year with refillable bottles at home.

That’s not to say I just open the faucet and fill a bottle, the average PPM or particles per million in my water is 137. That is actually quite good and safe to drink by most standards, but who knows what that material actually contains?

Besides Fluoride which is technically a lethal neurotoxin in larger quantities, it’s possible that lead, micro organisms and just good ole dirt make up the rest. As well as things my handheld meter can’t read.

So for many years I had been buying bulk quantities of bottled water and thinking all was golden, then I found out where it was coming from – might as well be my neighbors hose.

It is of course filtered water and my handy tester shows a scant 13 PPM in a glass of fresh Dassani (owned by Coca-Cola) so all good right?

Then I found out that exact brand of water tested acidic with a PH of 5.6 while the body is naturally a balanced 7.3, but that wasn’t even the worst some of the waters tested were as low as 4. Cola can be as low as 2.3 – teeth start to dissolve at 6.5 with damage to the outer coating occurring below 5.5

Your water bottle might be dissolving your teeth

Finally it was time to make a change for my health and bonus, wealth. So I did alot of research and finally after debating, size, cost and maintenance I went with the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System.

Which boasts “Only technology to remove up to 99% of contaminants including arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and 1000+ contaminants”

I had no way of testing this beforehand, but with a 4.8+ rating and 3 thousand reviews on Amazon, let alone Home Depot and many others, I felt pretty confident that I wouldn’t be disappointed and I wasn’t.

It took me about 2 hours to install, much of which was due to adding a spigot hole to my ancient sink and really nailing the install under my kitchen sink. With everything solid and the tubing mounted and routed as best as I could manage.

The real test was my handy water tester and after a short run in for the 5 filters I tried it out.

To my surprise it read 0 PPM

That’s worlds better than even the best water I have tried, including some special water used for a special crop of special (another time).

Normally I would mention the “but” aka #butfiltersinsane$ – With this system, it’s not even a thing, as it’s rated to 50 gallons per day. Not per filter and the filter life is between 6 months to 1 year AND the replacement filter cost? only 20 bucks. #FUBRITA

I am not sure how long the unit itself lasts, it’s warrantied for a year, but they offer 2nd year filters at time of purchase so they must be confident of at least 2. For me however it’s now been 14 months and I just tried the water, it’s 5 PPM on the original filters. Which I am replacing anyway since we also use that water for cooking. It’s so cheap per gallon that I am considering a storage tank for using it to shower with #bottlewatershowerballer

Needless to say I am saving at least 1000.00 ever year and not wearing out my cars suspension with cases of water and trash bags to put them in later on, a real plus plus IMO.

The title however came to while watching Netflix new series, in which a doctor claims that the first person to live to 200 is already born.

If you were to take 1000 dollars each year and invest it and compound the 7% average interest between 18 years old and 200, guess how much money you would have?

Depending on how you calculate the interest, daily or yearly the total would be between

3,627,876,715.25 and 5,208,870,903.14

Yes, you could be richer than Donald Trump by using a water filter (that doesn’t even account for inflation or the inevitable Water Wars).

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