It’s really easy to buy cheap sunglasses for 10 bucks and shade your eyes enough, but is it really worth it to save 100 dollars?

How about your eyesight?

Cheap sunglasses aren’t just cheap plastic that stretch, bend, scratch, crack, and break easier, the lenses themselves are junk.

Good sunglasses aren’t just tint, they also have UV protection – which protects the retina, but more importantly they are optically much clearer than junk glasses.

This means you can see through and focus on the world about with much less strain and exhaustion as eye strain is one of the leading causes of exhaustion and future blindness.

Of course if they break in 3 months you just throw them away right?

After spending literally hours at Venice Beach one day with my wife looking through hundred of pairs of “cheap” glasses, the answer is no – it’s easy to waste alot of time trying to save a little bit of money.

By comparison, the Oakley Silvers I bought in early May were 100 bucks on sale at shit glass hut (never go there) and when I noticed the lenses seemed to move in the frame a little, a quick trip to Oakley HQ saw me walk out with a brand new pair free of charge.

The CS agent told me it’s not uncommon for Oakley to replace glasses several years old, how much is that worth?

Plus I admit they look really nice aka hella fly and I won’t be embarrassed with them on like someones gold plated “Big Dog’s” they bought after wasting a day.

While the Oakleys are super clear and have UV protection they also have a step up with there polarized line, which I decided to skip since I’ve scratched quite a few lenses and it’s actually much cheaper to go aftermarket.

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