After having lost my wallet on an especially spirited ride of the wheelie machine (and only getting back parts of it in the mail, weeks later) I decided to switch up my game and go front wallet instead.

A front wallet or card case as they are more commonly known, is simply a very basic way to store cars and some cash. Usually with a double sided leather piece not much bigger than the cards themselves and slots cut into the front and rear in lieu of bulky folds on normal wallets.

Besides not falling out of my back pocket in random-ville, it’s actually much safer when I travel abroad to carry it up front and I rarely if ever misplace it despite it’s size.

While the space is limited, so is the junk I can fill it with. As a result I don’t carry club cards anymore or much of anything else that’s not necessary.

About a years ago I stepped up my game from the 20 dollar leather swiss brand versions that were always bent up and worn down to the new Daka essentials wallet from Magpul.

This is the same company that revolutionized small arms accessories with durable and almost flawless polymer based engineering, something that has finally after much use in actual combat, has been recognized and embraced by the US Military.

Fighting war aside, do they make a good wallet?

When I first received it I was impressed by the textured polymer material that is actually melted together in lieu of failure prone stitching, only concerned with the small rib of material that surrounds the open edge, presumably to reinforce and make it harder to rip.

But after 6 months of daily use I no longer notice that but am still impressed by it’s continued looks and durability, sand, sun or snow, even the occasional washing machine. Also by it’s ability to continue carrying what I “really” need.

Which right now is my debit card, 2 credit cards, Costco card, drivers license, DOJ safety card and a 20 dollar bill with a Amazon gift card temporarily jammed in #becausefathersday

It also still grips my pocket, looks new, especially with a wipe of 303 from time to time and you can have one too for only 17 dollars #yassss In 4 bad ass mil-spec colors.

Which I think are as follows.

Death From Above Black

Flat Dark Delta Force

Ground Force Olive

Urban Ninja Grey

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