Funny thing about buying a sportbike in your late 20’s – insurance rates go up dramatically. It’s almost like they knew I’d be flying through the air on 1 wheel at 130 or something….

Needless to say I was shocked when all my “preferred” customer status with Geico got me was a bill for 1473.00 extra a year when I brought my 600cc Honda home, perfect driving record and all.

So whats a smarty pants to do? ask the hood.

I joke but that’s a co-workers self imposed nickname, owing to his propensity to spend a 6 figure salary like someone earning a 4 figure one, lots of junkfood, big screens and spinny rims.

Finally though one of his hook-ups actually came through – his “uncle” was an insurance broker for 1800-superscam – aka give up some money and if you need anything write into this PO Box for help. On paper at least I had full coverage for 414.00, making the finance company content.

For backstory, I ended up downing the bike twice and the next one twice but always paid out of pocket and did the work myself, It might have been slighlty more out of pocket but the work was done 100, and often came with benefits like new colors, mods etc.

However on the off chance I got into something deep and needed it for protection, I decided to go one step farther. I went to the same Farmers agent that quoted me 2200 originally, with this new insurance rates and guess what – suddenly they had a low cost option Foremost that got damn near what I was paying to the Bernie Madoff insurance fund.

Foremost is a low cost arm of Farmers that’s backed by, Farmers – I am not sure how it’s actually different than having Farmers but for 60.00 more per year they offered me real coverage that I could depend on if my acrobatics turned into collision.

I’ve since gone through 2 motorcycles, 80,000 high performance miles and 4 minor offs that I will blog about later – but I kept that insurance all the way through, saving me about 1000 dollars of actual money – and if this 5 minute post helps you save 1000 too.

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