As an OG Android user, going back over a decade, the time has come – I will pre-order the newest and cheapest iPhone the X or 10 if you will.

As you’ve probably already heard the new Iphone is spec wise just behind the best Android phones, with water resistance that lets you dunk the phone but not like the Galaxy 8 and take pictures that in raw quality are sub-par to Android and Microsoft phones starting 2-3 years ago – meanwhile the cost is roughly the same – so why is this the cheapest phone?

In August of 2016 I purchased a brand new Google Nexus 5x for my beloved and during that purchase I was told that I would be getting the best of Android first, less than 3 months later that phone was tossed aside and replaced by a new brand of Google devices that would be getting the best first, with some things not even coming to other models…

The replacement itself really was just that, twice the price with better software, and when I did finally upgrade the LCD broke 2 weeks later from a flat hit in a case to the backside, something my cheaper older phone brushed off many times…no problem, I will just ship it off to Google for a week or two and they will not send me a new one, or I can go down to the Verizon store and get a new screen….or not.

No I would have to wait either 2 days for a kiosk in a mall to order a new ebay grade screen or pay a little bit more and drive 40 miles to “some guys” house in Whittier to have it same day. With an iPhone I could go 6 different official vendors within 10 minute of me at any time.

Unfortunately it costs many times more than that not to have my phone, so I drove and I paid, cursing this new phone that was proving worse than my old one.

That doesn’t happen with Iphones, there is no new worse phones – there is no phones that had better voice activation last year than this year #googledoes

Instead they come out with beautifully engineered designs like alot of phones, with one difference that makes them a real bargain – This years IOS release, 11, is being pushed out to every phone made after 2013 – 4 years of devices all still on the latest and greatest software, sans new physical features of the phones themselves. Not 2 years like Google’s phones or less than 6 months for Samsung’s line of high priced bloatware.

So 2x the longevity for the same price – thats a bargain IMO.

Yes it needs a case, especially because of the camera bump and a screen protector, but so do all phones I own. And for this top tier version you get a superior screen, face unlock, another year of updates and water and dust resistance far and above last years phone.

While I abhore the Apple OS, all of the apps I use are either Google or basically the same as I use now….of course there is always Pixel 2

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