Masterclass Kodak

Kodak, is that like something Lady Gaga uses?

Gone are the days of the Kodak photo empire, brushed away with Xerox, Motorola and other industry titans that somehow just didn’t quite “get it” but times are a changing.

Sears and even Best Buy may never leverage their buying power to compete with the online mom and pops but there is one thing they could do, ride the hype.

Kodak is hype game strong.

Normally, had they released something so cheesy as a “kodakcoin” it would be seen as a desperate last ditch move to save their company from impending obsolesce and a sign that the market for things like that is over saturated.

But this time it worked.

Kodak’s share prices just tripled. They can sell shares, borrow money and use the endless media coverage to do anything they damn well please, like sell their company at 3x last weeks value. Just by standing in the glow that is Bitcoin and crypto-currency, for even a moment.

Supposedly there is utility in their new offering, but frankly I don’t see people who have been using Flickr or Getty Images tying there livelihood to something that could spike and blink out of existence, but that doesn’t matter – alot of people holding Kodak stock are very happy and so are the employees….

For now.

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