#neversamsung : Naughty Apple edition

Seems like if we are going to cover smartphones, we should cover one of the biggest players in the market right?

Except that I hate them with a passion.

Samsung may sell a lot of phones and come with the goods before there tech partners can manage, but when saddled with wholly unnecessary bloatware and upgrade schedules that are only designed to sell the next, new phone while abandoning all lesser last model phones as soon as they come out, why?

I’ve tried to love Samsung, buying many of there newest and most expensive phones, ever the “pure” android versions – hoping things would change. They never do #bloatwarenbullshit forever.

Since the next Iphone has come and the latest from Google has dropped, the talk has already turned to whats next #galaxy9 – The supposed cutting edge for display technology, hardware and the worlds most pointless assistant…until the day of launch then #note9 which will “reset” the bar for phonesish.

But will it have the hardware longevity and upgrade duration of any Iphone or the software function or life of any much cheaper Google phone?


Even with Apple finally admitting that it’s slowing phones to sell new phones sorry, “preserve battery life” which should be a mere 1/3 of the way into it’s life expectancy of 1000 cycles, before dipping a mere 10%…. you are still getting a well built phone that will last a half dozen years and get regular updates for at least 4 or 5 of them.

So stick with the big A or the the big G and save your money and time.

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