Forget the Bahamas and it’s endless beaches and tax shelters for just a minute, do you really want to live in the middle of the south Atlantic ocean and spend all your time sun burnt and drunk? Ok,ok maybe you don’t, but where then?

There is a long list of places you could go in the future but how about the good ole United States? That can be a tricky topic as there is along long list of things to imagine, like living comfortably, not taxed to the end of your wits and left to dream about the rights you had growing up….cough cough Kalifornia #yousuck

Personal bias aside I would imagine a silly little thing like freedom would top the list – IE have that machine gun, smoke that weed, keep your money and pray to whatever you want.

Until Larry Ellison turns Lanai into it’s own kingdom and starts bazooka beach parties, think of shooting bottle rockets at kelp, only with more BOOM! There really isn’t a place to call “paradise” as I would imagine it yet. But there is a list of free-ist places and it’s not Texas, not even Montana or Alaska – surprise it’s not even the flyover states – it’s New Hampshire, the state you’ve probably never been to and that’s a shame, it’s stunning with very few people to muck it up.

It also has the best mix of personal freedoms, low taxes and government control of any other state.

Fun Fact : New Hampshire has the highest numbers of Machine Guns per capita

Not only that but houses there are a bargain IMO

Yes it has “seasons” IE the dreaded “cold” but science tells us that will actually make you live longer and while it’s not the happiest state in the nation (younguns love them some beach) it’s still in the top 20% + machine guns 😉

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