Far from #deleteuber and video rants by the CEO, lies 1 very important fact.

In less than half a dozen years Uber has gone from zero to godlike. Amassing untold billions in wealth, while spreading it’s tentacles worldwide, decimating it’s legacy competition. While still creating space for new challengers and forcing 2 million losers to do their bidding for them. (I joke because I suck at math too #mypeopleitsok)

Uber is the devil, except that it’s not.

It provides usually safe and reliable transportation to anyone, at any time, almost anywhere (that matters). It’s a symbol of capitalism, nay economic warfare of “divide and conquer” on a scale that I am sure is unprecedented. Social media hockey sticks are one thing, getting fubar in DT LA and not having to worry about getting home, they could make a super hero movie about it #should

But the time for IPO has come.

While long mirred in legislation, haterade (just and unjust) by employees, people who seriously bitch about anything and secret valuations, the time for real money has come. The time for Peak Uber has come.

Earlier this year they hired Eric Holder, the guy who greenlit targeted assassinations of Americans abroad without due process and force fed cartels illegal weapons to give advice on “ethics” ….seriously is that a joke, that’s a joke right?

Finally the little back stabber has come out and said it “Travis must go“.

And so CEO Kalanick has announced he is taking a leave for family reasons, but while kinda hanging out if anyone needs him.

While shoring up loose canons may seem like a smart move to ring the bell on Wall Street, it’s not going to help when we ditch anti-nuclearism with Lil Kim and go straight for “capitalism or else”. Kalanick is a force of will, the poster boy for “F you, this is happening”. The same attitude that brought us Iphones and lunar landings, balls out America at it’s best.

If Travis goes, the terrorists will win. Not the kind that make sick videos on youtube, the kind that stumble around zombie foods, making up allergies and calling everyone Hitler.

Holder is a Remora, Travis is the shark here and although I am #0fans, Jobs taught me something – willpower creates, haters never innovate – they only segregate.


1.set apart from the rest or from each other; isolate or divide.

I mention Steve Jobs, not because I like turtle necks but his board also thought Apple was separate from it’s leader #nearfatal. Because they don’t know what leader means, because #theyneverbeenleader

When Uber hits #peakbottom – Travis will be resurrected like the Pheonix or Lyft will be the new Godking of rideshare. I like em both.

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