Long before I moved into my current home a deal was struck aka no bid, money changing hands without public consent, with, lets call it “the devil”.

In which our community would get home internet service from a company and only that company, forever.

Just because that sounds illegal and probably is, something about bribery, anti competitive behavior, monopolizing and so forth – it has stood for decades.

And when you are the only game in town, you can control the prices – predictably upward despite costs to deliver lowering (already laid the fiber, better, cheaper, faster, more robust equipment, etc)

Raise they have, effectively doubling over the last 5 years, not even as the kids would say “for the best shit”.

No, our demigod buys usage from another much larger company – who also charges the same price, but is effectively cut out from servicing us – the crux is our traffic is routed much further away to an ancient fault prone node that seems to die every time it gets really hot in so cal.

But wait there’s introductory pricing!

I can and do get the same exact service for 40% less as a new customer and guess what, I am “always” a new customer.

With my current provider they will allow me to register for new service, every 12 months and take advantage of the “special” pricing.

Which means every 12 months me and my wife trade off signing up for new service – the kicker is we have our own router (no lease) and so they can’t even charge us with that ridiculous “setup” fee aka tax on tax.

I encourage everyone to do the same damn thing, until the DA get’s involved and I can have something called choice.

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