It seems like every second of the day there is some news about Elon Musk headed to Mars or trying to journey to the center of the earth, but it’s the consumer goods that really interest the public like no other.

So it was with great fanfare that Elon (sounds like an alien #pyramids) in a bid to push the acquisition of Solar City by Tesla announced their effort to offer solar roof tiles earlier this year.

What are they? in a nutshell, they replace your normal roof tile with something made of glass and containing a solar cell that looks like a roof tile. Which acts just like a solar panel without looking the Jimmy Carters White House.

Oh and it’s also kinda bulletproof, is warrantied for 30 years and is made in America.

Being the realist he sometimes is, he even said he expected the market to be for people already replacing their roofs, making it a no brainier. Well it turns out the market is actually “everyone”.

So much so that inside sources are claiming that deliveries won’t start for another year or more on orders placed today.

And while Google short supplied their Pixel phones to generate hype, Tesla uses that hype and preorders to actually fund more capacity reducing delivery costs and increasing profits…wait isn’t that how ” target=”_blank”>Berkshire operates insurance incomes? Which is then quickly invests in other new things ala Amazon – taxable profit is bad, product godding (trademark) is good.

Although dividends aren’t really a thing, it’s worth mentioning that for me Tesla follows the Buffet rule of “investing in a company you would buy” – who doesn’t want sex Tesla right now, stupid FoMoCo – j/k much love.

But on a more serious note, the stock has climbed up quite a bit, the road map is much better than Apple and it’s one of the few companies along with Wikipedia that probably should be funded by the government, if all else fails. Because what kind of America do you want if it’s not energy independent, with less traffic and the fastest cars in production? (Technically it’s the Demon maybe, but put those tires on a P100d and take out all the seats and see what happens)

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