Would you pay 40,000 for a lifetime of warm bean juice? How about 180,000 or even a half million dollars to drink coffee for life?

Since I am no fan of burning my tongue every morning for something that doesn’t taste particular good, I”l admit that I am in the minority with the average American spending 3 dollars per day for coffee or more importantly. 1100.00 per year for 35 years until retirement given the average.

But what if you invested that 40k instead, took that 3 dollars per day and put it somewhere like the Vanguard Index Fund?

Given it’s historical valuations you would end with 180,000 in 35 years just by letting the gains compound, 3x the national average for retirement savings.

And if you are an ardent worker bee and push retirement till 72?

You’d end up with over 540,000 to sit on a beach with and drink coffee forever, or margaritas.

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