Wondering why flat earth movies keep popping up in my YouTube feed, I finally googled it and found that back in February, NBA “star” Kyrie Irving stated something to effect that the earth is in fact flat and because he has such a huge following it’s starting to become an actual problem in schools.


I can’t personally comment on his education, background or understanding of basic human vision but the facts are there.

Even if you discount the astronauts, spy plane pilots, tourists, everyone whose flown on the Concorde or hiked a really tall mountain you are still left with 15 billion eye balls, that at any point anywhere on the earth could look through a telescope and look at any other planet or moon as it rotates around.

Unless the whole sky is a giant screen created by aliens and the shadow government they conspire with.

Now that that’s settled, it’s time to send all of these “influencers” “contrarians” and generally uniformed people back to school…on another planet – so they can look back and marvel at the flat earth that only seems to rotate away from them.

Because frankly these are also most of the same people that think the stock market is fake too.

Editors note – somewhere in an old scrap book is a picture with a view just like the one above – taken from my seat on the Concorde back in 1991 as it was rocketing over the Atlantic at nearly 60,000 feet – where I definitely could see the earth curve and the boundary to space, but no stars…..


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