From buckets in front of your local supermarket, to choices on your atm pin screen to infomercials blanketing every channel and media outlet – its a fire, a flood, earthquake, terrorism or famine everywhere, all the time and it needs your money to stem the tide, right now – all of it.

The truth is many of those organizations are flat out scams headed by cheats and bloated organizations that don’t know the first thing about real, enduring assistance.

If I said to you that 100% of the money you gives me goes to charity, that would be awesome – but time is a commodity that’s often sold instead – it;s why the CEO of charitable organizations can get 7 figures a year in salary. r even a more basic and widespread scam = % of profits – whether as an official metric of eligibility aka 22% of pre-tax profits or as a speaking point – if you give me 1 million and I spend 999,999.99 on administrative costs and advertising than I olnly have to give 22% of 1 cent to qualify legally – it’s a cluster.

Fortunately there is an organization that’s been helping all over the world for many many many years – the Red Cross as it’s formally known, with The American Red Cross one of the better know arms with nearly 3 billion in income and responding to nearly 80,000 events per year in the US alone.

More than just a total of donations, its a center for training, assistance, life saving blood transfusions and many more areas that support nearly every need in an emergency – money, food shelter, clothing, blood, assistance and training all the time, everyday.

It’s the right way to help, and often the best way to help – whether its a 20 or learning CPR to save lives – get involved now, instead of waiting for the next emergency when it could be too late to help.

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