One of the hardest and most expensive things to have is more time, but what if you could have so much extra time that anything you need to do, get’s done?

Short of going H.G. Wells and traveling between time the only surefire way to have more time, is to as the Merovingian said “make it”.

Making time can be as easy and simple as doing something right now, or scale up to your 20 year plan (uhhh maybe don’t Google that) but I find the simplest and most effective way is also the easiest.

OK Google set timer for 1 hour

And that’s all I need to focus on getting anything and everything done – whether is be email or cleaning house. When I set a time for a reasonable amount of time and spend that time focused on that time and hustling as a result, everything get’s done.

My personal hack is that every time the alarm goes off, I change tasks. I don’t just keep resetting it for another run at email.

I also make sure to sub in some physical breaks, whether to clean the bathroom, walk to lunch or do something other than sit in a chair for another hour staring at a screen, losing my sanity and eyesight.

While I tend to use my smartphone, others can’t resist the urge to play angry birds when it chimes so try a cheap alarm clock, like this one with just the facts.

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