Several months ago I got a nice surprise in the mail when I opened up an impressively large box from Amazon and found a very small but many times more impressive book buried at the bottom of 3 cubic feet of peanuts, Tim Ferris’s newest tome “Tools of Titans”.

If you haven’t been conscious for the last decade or so Tim is the author of what he roughly describes as a collection of infomercial bait, covering slacking off, food and like the gym bro. But this book is different than all of those or somehow a collection of all of those. It’s a short version of his other incredible work as a top rated pod-caster, or more precisely a short version of the guests he’s had on that show and the wisdom that they have laid down in over 200 interviews.

Top guys like the Governator, Jaime Foxx and Chris Saca who you might not know but is likely to somehow be your kids boss someday in a VC kinda way, all pile on to share the best of their best.

Yes, some of it crosses streams and yes it’s alot like verbal ADD, but in the way that your one friend gets drunk and spends the night telling the greatest collection of stories you have ever heard. Even the better half of me picked it up one night, opened at the middle and started reading at random for an hour and actually enjoyed it, impossible.

It’s not hard to see why actually, whether you are an entrepreneur, a body builder or someone who rages too much there is something for you. For instance Tony Robbins like almost everyone else meditates 20 minutes a day, calming his mind. He’s also worth a half billion, feeds millions and inspires millions more and seems to be pretty fit – these are the people you should be taking advice from.

Even more importantly IMO this is the book every kid should get right around 13 to 14 – when they start raging against there parents but are smart enough to ask real questions and learn – this is a book of 200 people guru’s who made it and can start your child down the path to success right from the beginning, when it’s easiest to form the right habits and mindset and incidentally your most important investment.

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