Corrections or downward moves of more than 10% in the stock market are quite common, averaging once every 1 1/2 years or every 357 trading days, fairly consistently.

So even if the stock market never again takes a nose dive, which is almost guaranteed that it will, unless the Dow becomes sentient…it will go down and when it does all of the top brands will be on sale for up to 80% of their regular prices.

Are you kinda partial to Bank of America? Well in March 2009 at the height of it’s perilous ride to the bottom it quickly bounced back from 3.15 a share to 16.28 by the end of that same year.

That’s a 500% return on an investment made when there was “blood in streets”.

The only way to beat that is if you had sold it 6 months before that at 32.xx a share or its high of 56.xx a share 18 months before the low and bought it back then.

That’s so many percents gain that its actually hard to understand in percents. Needless to say that’s how fortunes are made.

The point being as we sit here at over 21,000 and the pundits start screaming that the sky is falling, it’s important to remember that it happens all the time and the best way to deal with the crisis is to pick a plan now and stick to it come hell or high water – hopefully something along the line of sell higher and buy lower, just be ready to buy – the best values in stocks are coming soon enough.

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