Is this what “boxing” has come to?

“Undefeated” Floyd “dance like a butterfly to score technical points” Mayweather Jr is now going to “fight” MMA sensation Connor McGreggor and by fight I mean he will do the 1 thing he’s “best” at, boxing. While McGreggor who can also, kick, throw and grapple will also be “boxing”.

Let me save you the 100 dollars on PPV, the bar tab, snack bill, all of the cussing and screaming at the TV and ultimately disappointment.

Connor cannot beat Mayweather

Could it be staged?

Could Mayweather be getting 100 million for this fight vs Connors 20 million to soften the blow of taking a dive for a setup to round 2 or to launch McGreggor even higher?

Yes, it’s “entertainment” and can easily be scripted. Sadly that’s where corporate backed sports is today – a show.

Either way, this show is not worth the money and time it takes to play along with. While everyone is sitting in front of a TV, the beaches and theme parks will be wide open, restaurants will be light and you could have a pretty big smile on your face in lieu of this sham. Imagine getting a really good massage or playing a round of Golf.

Maybe if enough people back out of this sideshow and go elsewhere, boxing will return to fighting – I’d pay 100.00 for that.

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