What would money do? Grow its social circle and hang out with it’s friends.

One of the simplest ways to save money that I have found is to re-purpose one of those “so out” green silicone bracelets I got back when it was trendy and wear it as a reminder, that every time I pull out my wallet to pay for something, to think twice, even three times.

The results have actually been quite remarkable, my daily intake of high priced coffee and junk food has come to a grinding halt and by proxy the weight has started to come off, resulting in actually feeling better about spending less.

Savings is the new crack

Well not exactly, since I have started to plot how I will spend that extra luchini in irresponsible ways…racing brakes for an SUV #YOLO

But having aspirations that result in building something is much more satisfying than junk coffee and overpriced popcorn at the theater anyway, so call it a process.

PS – Why are all these cuties, normally outside of my social circle, smiling all of a sudden? #greenbraceletjuju

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